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 Tips For Building A Campfire

There are several ways to start a campfire.  The following are the basic steps.  Just a couple of items before we get started.  We are assuming you are on your own property or at a campground where you are able to have the fire without causing damage to the surroundings etc. Always watch the wind and depending on how windy things are, can determine the size of your fire. Also, where is your source of water if needed to put your fire out? Clear out a round 6 foot area for a 2 foot fire.  It is also best to find some large stones to make a circle where the actual fire will be.

1. Start with Kindling.  This is dry twigs, branches or wood.  This should be as try as possible

2. Newspaper, again a lot of ways to start a fire here.  By rolling or crumbling newspaper into balls
    and placing them on the ground where your fire will be.  Use 10 - 15 balls of newspaper

3. Now take the small twigs, sticks and wood pieces and make a tee-pee over the newspaper balls. Try
    to leave a small opening in the tee-pee so you can fit a lighter into the paper to start things.

4. Make sure the tee-pee is not so high, that when the paper catches fire it will not touch the twigs

5.  Now you can add to the tee-pee with leaning small logs or larger taller pieces of wood.

6. It is time to light things.  The best lighter to use is one of the long butane throw away ones.
    They are very cheap, can be used over and over and they have 8" reach so you can stick this
    into the paper and light the paper at different spots.  Go ahead and do this now.

7. Within a couple of minutes you should have a pretty good fire spiking up to a couple of feet.